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Innovative Biogas Upgrading and Processing Equipment

Installation you can handle, professionals you can trust.


biogas cleanup blower package

Use: Power Generation, Flare, pipeline to central gathering operations

Design Pressure: 1-200 psig

Design Flow Range: 

70 - 3000 scfm

Blower: Howden Roots or Gardner Denver, LeRoi

Cleanup: H2S,  Siloxane & moisture

Construction: 304SS, Marine grade painted steel

Flow Meter: Endress Houser Sonic Flow or ABB OP

PLC: Allen Bradley

Controls: Ignition

Analyzer: ABB Chromatograph 

Build Time: 36 weeks

Install Time: 5 days


biogas upgrading system

Use: Truck or Pipeline Injection

Design Pressure: 150 - 3500 psig

LTE model for 90-200 scfm

XLT model for 300-550 scfm

Compressor: LeRoi

Flow Meter: ABB Differential Pressure

Cleanup: H2s, CO2, Siloxane & moisture

PLC: Allen Bradley

Controls: Ignition

CH4: 98.5% - 3 Stage Evonik Membrane

Analyzer: ABB Chromatograph 

Build Time: 48 weeks

Install Time: 15 days

Power Distribution

power distribution center

Power Centers

Fully Engineered Structures

Shipped to job site tested & Ready

Switchgear & MCC Installed

Climate Controlled

Fire Protection

Lighting, Signage and Safety

Full Engineered Drawings

Built to your specifications

Network, UPS & Generator Switch options

AirCraft Series O2 Generators
Aircraft O2 system

Controls H2s Levels

3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 SCFM models

Rugged Design

Corrosion Resistant for long life

Climate Controlled option

Ignition SCADA 

O2 flow controller controlled by SCADA

Plug and Play, Fully pre-tested

O2 purity 93-95% Air Sep

Ingersol Rand Compressor

Skid Mount of Fully Enclosed

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