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Innovative solutions for biogas upgrading and processing

Plug-and-play systems with simple assembly

Engineered, tested, manufactured and programmed, all in-house

Full documentation, programming test results handed off

In field assembly and commissioning

Custom solutions for your application

6,630,000 MMBTUs

of biogas delivered through systems provided by Energy Innovations to date

Over 97 Projects

Have equipment provided

by Energy Innovations to date


Who We Are

Over the last fifteen years, we've grown into a dynamic team, designing and delivering cutting-edge biogas processing systems and renewable energy projects. With over 90 successful projects under our belt, Energy Innovations stands as a testament to our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of clean energy solutions for a sustainable future.

digester biogas equipment


Maas energy works
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Calgren dairy fuels
"EI has come through for us time and time again. They deliver on schedule and come through for us in a pinch. A reliable and trustworthy company"
maas energy

Daryl Maas


Maas Energy

"I would recommend EI, they have been an asset in building our network of biogas processing systems. Ted and his team are always eager to help and push hard to get our systems online"
Calgren dairy fuels

Lyle Schyler


Calgren Renewables

"Energy Innovations automation technicians are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the next project"
city of Redding

Shaun Vega Sanches

Electrical Technician,

City of Redding, CA


Innovating sustainability.

What sets us apart

Intuitive Biogas Processing Equipment

For 15 years we have witnessed what works and what doesn't. Our systems give you only what's important, and filter out unnecessary data. This streamlines the process, making it easier and more cost effective than ever.

High Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality and proven materials and technologies. Ensuring maximum durability and critical uptime when it matters most.

Design, build, and install

We do everything from flange to flange, start to finish. Including engineering, programming, field assembly and commissioning. Simple, efficient, and on time.

Expert Advisors

Few companies have as much knowledge about the industry as we do. From power generation primary service, to codes and standards, to advice on what is on the forefront of the industry. We don't just give you what you need, we give you the best of the best.

Case Studies

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